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Day 45 Rome

Day 45 – Civitavecchia (Rome) – Friday 29/6/12

Weather – Fine and Sunny 25C - 30C (in port, closer to 40C in Rome
Sunrise – 5.41am
Sunset – 8.51pm
Time difference - minus 8 hours ex Sydney

Piacere di conosceria Roma !!!!

Today is a big ticket day again, with both of us anticipating a memorable day for our first ever visit to Rome. You know when your expectations are raised a bit, and there is a latent concern, that you dont mention, but its there, that the city, or day may not be all its been cracked up to be by others who have been before you. So you keep a lid on the anticipation, coz you dont want to feel overly disappointed if it is not what you expect, and just hope it turns out as well as you would hope. So......... well you just have to wait and see huh :)

We had decided that we wanted to do Rome on our own, as in, not on a organised tour. We used Princess to get us into Rome and back, but we were on our own for the whole day. A bus shuttle took us from the ship to Civitavecchia Port railway station, where we hopped on a 'private train'. It was a 4 carriage train, with only Princess passengers aboard, who were doing the same as us. There was a bus option into Rome, but the train sounded so much nicer, and it was. Lovely carriages, fitted with comfortable red leather (yeah imitation) lounge chairs, frilly gold curtains etc etc, and so much quicker, less than hour in. Each double carriage had one transit guide each, we had a young guy, and the others had a young lady guide.

Today is a public holiday that marks the start of a long weekend celebrating St Peter. As a result many shops and buildings were to be closed, so we were not sure if that was going to interrupt our day, as it turned out it was probably a good thing as many locals had hightailed out for the weekend. The incredible queue of cars waiting to board ferries to the islands was testament that theory.

The train took us to St Peters station, where our transit guide escorted us from the station to St Peters Square, where he was to set us free. We walked only about 10 mins through a few side streets, then an underpass, and through a colonnade of pillars, where we heard music and hymns being sung. Out onto a courtyard that was a sea of cobblestones, and then it was one of those breathless moments. This was it, we were standing in Saint Peters Square. I was overwhelmed with where we were, and what I was seeing, trying to unpick the landmarks as best I could, so much so that I was oblivious to what the guide was saying. Luckily Donna got in close and paid attention to what was being said.

Suffice to say, the SHB photo was taken here, whilst we absorbed the buildings, and the aura of the place. A mass was being beamed out to the big screen in the square, which just added to the occasion. We eventually dragged ourselves away, and embarked upon our self styled walking tour of Rome. We walked along Via della Concillazione to Piazza Adriana where we saw the Castel Sant' Angelo (aka the Mauseoleum of Hadrian), a towering cylindrical building. Then we crossed the Tevere River by way of the bridge, Ponte Sant' Angelo, which ran into Via del Banco di S.Spiroto.

A few lefts and rights as we looked for our next goal, the Pantheon. Yeah well, we got lost, but we had fun sorting ourselves out!! We eventually found Piazza Navona, which is home to the Fountain of Four Rivers. A few more zig zags in the general direction of the Pantheon proved successful. Awesome, awesome, awesome, we were lucky enough to have a quick squiz although there was a mass under way. I can see why this has a reputation.

The weather was heating up now, but we pushed on, this time in search of the Colosseum. On our way along one of the main drags, Via del Corso, we came across San Marcello al Corso, a lovely church, devoted to Pope Marcellus 1. A plain jane building outside, was just something to behold inside, I am so glad we took time to have a look.

We then came across the Piazza Venezia, home to the imposing white marble building, Monumento Nazionale a Vittorio Emmanuele 11. The structure is really just so imposing at 135m wide and 70m high, with its external stairways, Corinthian columns, fountains, sculptures and statues. It is also home to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

By now, we could see our quarry, whilst looking down the impressive Via del Fori Imperiali, which was closed to vehicle traffic. The Colosseum is as grand as we had hoped for, and it needed another SHB photo here. We popped into a Tourist Info centre and picked up a decent map, and also took time out at a restaurant for a rest, drink and feed. Donna had a carbonara pasta, and I went for A la Matratciano that was the spiciest I have ever had.

Now we had a dilemma. We only had a limited time, so we were not going to fit in a visit to all that we wanted. Thats just how it is with one day port visits with cruising. The fact that we passed on the Hop On Hop Off bus, that would have got us around quickly, was more than offset by walking everywhere, as we did wanted we really wanted to do , and that was absorb the life of Rome first hand on the ground, and in the back streets.

So the dilemma was to we track a northern route back to St Peters, to visit the famed, Trevi Fountain and the Spanish Steps, or do we take the longer southern route along the picturesque River Tevere. We did not have time to do both. We chose the latter, and so glad we did it was just lovely, and the shady promenade provided some welcome respite from the heat.

We got our way back to the shops outside Vatican City, when Donna realised that she had lost her prescription glasses. So we back tracked about a km or so, and lucky lucky lucky, there they were resting on the window ledge that we had used for a sit down rest stop about half an hour earlier.

Back to Vatican City, a little shopping, and then in search of a watering hole on the way back to the station. We came across some of the mob, outside a pub en route, for some refreshments, and bonus, free wi fi. So kiddies, you now have some photos, which I trust you would have seen by now.

A short wait, and our 'private train' came along on schedule, and took the weary travellers home to the ship. A long shower, and a short dinner, a quick catch up with some friends, and then the movie addict (Donna) was off to the theatre, whilst I prepped the blog.

So, the day turned out to be as memorable as we had hoped, and Rome is definitely on the 'must return to' list, which is filling up rather fast :)

We left berth on time at 7pm, and retraced our courses out through the breakwaters. The pilot jumped off, and we headed west north westerly across the Tyrrhenian Sea. At 1.45am we will pass between the islands of Porto and Porto Ferraio, then alter course towards the north. Another pilot on at 6am and enter the Livorno harbour, and be secured alongside by 7am

Great day again. We are on such a roll, having a ball !!!

Friday, June 29, 2012

Athens photos

SHB at Parthenon.

Naples photos

SHB at Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii. Original Roman pizza oven for Sarah.Abbey rd Pompeii style.

Dubrovnik photos

Venice photos

Dardanelles Photos

Anzac Cove photos

Istanbul photos

SHB at Blue Mosque.

Day 44 - Naples

Day 44 – Naples – Thursday 28/6/12

Weather – Fine and Sunny 25C - 30C
Sunrise – 5.34am
Sunset – 8.29pm
Time difference - minus 8 hours ex Sydney

We arrived in Naples on schedule, and were greeted by yet another warm, sunny day. The sun god continues to bless us. Today we have booked a Princess tour. This was one of the few ports that we had pencilled in what we wanted to do over 12 months ago.

It is probably not on everyones must do list, but hiking to the top of Mt Vesuvius sort of encapsulated our core thinking for doing this world cruise now whilst we are relatively young enough, and healthy enough to enjoy things to their max, rather than waiting till we were much older, and perhaps not as mobile. Also on the agenda today was a long anticipated visit to the ruins of Pompeii, a no-brainer that one.

Out of 1900 odd passengers on the ship, there were only about 40 people doing this tour, which was the only tour doing the hike up Mt Vesuvius. We left on time, and it was only about a 40 minute drive out of Naples Port before we were at our first stop in the town of Torre del Greco, a jewellery factory/store by the name of Giovanni Apa that specialises in the art of shaping jewellery pieces, particularly cameos and coral. We were the only folk there when we arrived, by the time we left there were 7 tour buses there from a variety of ships. Yep, we left with the bags a little heavier, and the wallet a little lighter:)

Then it was onto Mt Vesuvius which was only a 5 minute drive away to it's base. It was about now whilst looking all the way up to the top of this active volcano mountain that I had my first “what was I thinking” moment. I had a few of those 'moments' as the bus wound its way up an incredibly narrow road with hairpin bends that needed 3 point turns more than once.

I was grateful that it was what I thought was a one-way road, until Donna pointed out that it was in fact a two way road. I was astonished that it was even remotely possible that a vehicle could come down the other way, and even more astonished later on when I saw buses going both ways (including ours) and not colliding with each other!! The sheer drop away from the road did give the sphincter muscle a work out I can tell you!!

It was about a 30 minute drive up the mountain to parking area. After another “what was I thinking moment” it was on with the hike up to the summit on a slippery cinder track. It was steep and slippery, but certainly doable. I drew some inspiration from a guy with an artificial leg who passed me – if he could do it, so could I :) About a 25 – 30 minute hike and we reached the summit where there were incredible views of the volcano's crater and the Bay of Naples. There was a light smoke/steam coming from the crater, with a slight sulphur aroma.

Going back down the the hike track was much less strenuous, but much trickier, as the cinder track is very slippery, as Donna found out when she finished up on her bum whilst descending. The bus ride down was hairy to say the least, and I was relieved when we go back to the base.

It was only a short 10 minute drive to Pompeii where we were treated to a 2 hour guided tour of the ruins of what used to be a Roman resort city, but was buried by the cataclysmic eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD. The rediscovery of the city in the mid eighteenth century as a result of excavations, means visitors can now wander the streets of this ancient, doomed city. Particularly interesting sites were the temples, open air forum, the once bustling market place, and the recently restored bathhouse and red light district.

It was remarkable to see the preserved remains that provide a hint of the daily Roman life, their customs, buildings and cuisine. Another 150 photos taken today, which means about an hours worth of culling to get back to 20 or 30 :) SHB photos were taken at both Mt Vesuvius and Pompeii, could not resist either , so they are both 'in'.

A quite rest up back at the ship, as we have another full day tomorrow, this time Rome. At about 7pm we retraced our courses out of the port, and then steered a south westerly course until aside Ischia Island. We then turned west north westerly.

At around midnight we passed Isla Di Ponza on our starboard side. Tomorrow we will enter Civitavecchia, passing the breakwaters in time for a scheduled berth at 7am

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Day 43

Day 43 – Dubrovnik to Naples – Wednesday 27/6/12

Weather – Fine and Sunny 23C - 30C
Sunrise – 5.21am
Sunset – 8.24pm
Time difference - minus 8 hours ex Sydney

During the day Sun Princess steered various southerly headings through the Adriatic Sea and the Ionian Sea. At 4.30pm we transited the Messina Strait, which at its narrowest point is 1.6 miles wide. After passing through the strait we steered northerly courses towards Naples, passing to the west of Stromboli at 7.30pm.

Tomorrow morning the pilot will jump on at 6am and guide us to our berth at Molo Angionio by 7am. On the approach to Naples we will pass between the two man made breakwaters which are each one mile long, creating a protected harbour almost 3 miles wide.

Today was a rest day in preparation for a hectic 5 days coming up. I am not sure how I will keep the blog updated over the next 5 days, but we will see how we go.

Today we were so privileged to be passing Stromboli, in daylight, whilst it was active. There was a continuous stream of white smoke coming from the top, with the occasional minor eruption of black smoke. It was just the most amazing experience to see it so close hand.

Tomorrow we are hiking to the top of Mt Vesuvius, and then visiting the ruins of Pompei. Should make for an interesting day, thankfully the foot is now in good enough shape to be taking it on :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 42 - Dubrovnik

Day 42 – Dubrovnik – Tuesday 26/6/12

Weather – Fine and Sunny 23C - 34C
Sunrise – 5.11am
Sunset – 8.36pm
Time difference - minus 8 hours ex Sydney

Well, well , well, wasn't this place a surprise. Again expectations have been washed asunder by yet another city. I am either quite naive, or just ignorant about many cities in the world because either I have never been to them, or did not try hard enough to learn about them, maybe a bit of both.

I thought when we sailed out of Venice yesterday arvo, that we had just seen the top rung on the ladder as far memorable cities go, just because it was so unique, beautiful, historical and charming.

Well there is another city up there on that top rung. If you have been to Dubrovnik, you will know what I mean. If you have not seen it, please, please add it to your bucket list.

The sail into the port just floored me. We were up in the buffet, grabbing something quick and light for breakie, and saw the port a few building in the distance, so we wandered out to have a better look.

You know there are those times when your just spewing coz you dont have your camera with you. Well when we turned into the bay, and headed for the harbour I was in a dilemma – do I race down from level 14 to our cabin on level 6 to grab the camera, or do I just stand here and absorb what was before me. I chose the latter.

I am having difficulty describing just how picturesque the harbour approach is. The water colour, the white buildings with orange roofs that surround the harbour, the yachts, boats and ships of all types and sizes sailing or moored in the harbour, the mountainous backdrop, the gorgeous suspension bridge – this was a hamburger with the lot in terms of a beautiful stunning harbour.

There was a local shuttle from the ship into the Old City of Dubrovnik, which has as much history, and a similar one to Venice, and a beauty all its own. However we elected to hire a taxi with friends Ian and Mary and do a one hour tour of the area first, and then do the obligatory Old City later.

After a short drive over the suspension bridge, we stopped at a photo vantage point, that provided a repeat view of the harbour, as seen on the sail in, only this time with the Sun Princess berthed in port. It did look quite stunning. We were a bit lucky today as we were the only cruise ship in port today – usually there are 3 or 4 per day.

We were then taken on a ride up a very narrow, single lane gravel road that climbed up to the top ridge of the Srd which is a mountain that overlooks Dubrovnik. Breathtaking views across the length and breadth of the Dalmatian Coast, down onto the old and new cities of Dubrovnik, and across the ranges to the border with Bosnia and Herzegovina. Whilst we were salivating over what was before us, the taxi driver knew when to ask the question - would you like to do a second hour, there is more I can show you.

It took us all of a nanosecond to say YES PLEASE, and we were off on a wonderful tour of the countryside road that leads to Montenegro. We passed through lovely towns of Srebreno, Soline, Plat, Obod, Zvekovica before arriving at Cavtat. Cavtat is a Dalmatian Coast resort village by the sea that began its life as a Roman city, and has long been a favourite stop for the yachting set. Edward V111 and Wallace Simpson honeymooned there apparently.

We then returned back towards the Dubrovnik, where we said farewell to the driver at the Old City. We were starving and thirsty, so first stop was the Poklisar Restaurant for some lovely pasta and pizza washed down with a big mug of Ozujsko – a Croatian draught beer. The SHB photo was taken here.

We then strolled through the Old City of Dubrovnik. This is a lovely pedestrian only city fortified by the Dubrovnik Ramparts – city walls that were completed in the 13th century, encircle old Dubrovnik with a circumference of more than a mile and a half.

Reluctantly, we had to head back to the ship, we we had a rest up, a quick bite and settled into a movie under the stars. Donna went off to a second movie in the Vista Lounge. I am good for no more than one movie a week, certainly not two in one night, so it was blog time for me.

After leaving the berth, we chucked a 180 degree turn – it is just a seriously good trick they can do, turning a giant ship like this on a top. We retraced our courses out of the harbour and steered a south westerly course through the Adriatic Sea. Tomorrow we will pass through the Strait of Messina, which is a narrow passage between the eastern tip of Sicily and the southern tip of Calabria.

Tomorrow is a sea day, and we will be using it to recharge, as we then have 5 ports in 5 consecutive days, and some long ones Naples, Rome, Florence/Pisa, Cannes and Barcelona.

Emma – yes I agree, a truly remarkable city is Venice, so unique. And yes, I did have a Pasta la Pesci – bellismo

Joanne – you guys are in for a real treat in Venice next year, I hope you have a overnight stop there. If so, save the gondola ride until after dark, the city takes on a whole new persona at night, and the gondola ride under the moonlight is very special.

Photos – yes I have another batch loaded and ready to publish when I can get some wifi, and the time to load. I have Dardanelles, Istanbul, Anzac Cove, Athens, Venice and Dubrovnik in the can an waiting. Sorry I only do a few of each, it is hard to pick as I am averaging 100 – 150 a port, which I just have to be ruthless and cull back, and then pick a couple for the blog.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Day 41 Venice (Day 2)

Day 41 – Venice (Day 2) – Monday 25/6/12

Weather – Fine and Sunny 23C - 36C
Sunrise – 5.25am
Sunset – 9.01pm
Time difference - minus 8 hours ex Sydney

Just a quick report today. We went back into town on the water shuttle, and continued our exploration of this wonderfully unique city.

The strategy of leaving a few things to today in the hope that the crowds would be smaller on a work day did not succeed. There were as many people around St Marks today as yesterday, if not more !!!

A small group of us meandered through the laneways of shops and stalls. It was quite hot, and not a tree in sight, although the laneways are well shaded.

We have actually been so fortunate with the weather since we left home, we have not had a single wet day at all, land or sea. It did rain a little as we were coming into Singapore may weeks ago now, but it had stopped by the time we got off the ship. We have had some windy days, but no wet ones, and certainly no cold ones, just day after day of warmth and sun. So hows that weather back in Australia then :)

We were back on ship about an hour before deadline, showered and freshened up, and then went to Pam and Randy's suite for the sailaway out of Venice, which was lovely.

A quiet afternoon, recharging the batteries for a full day in Dubrovnik tomorrow.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Day 40 Venice

Day 40 – Venice – Sunday 24/6/12

Weather – Fine and Sunny 23C - 36C
Sunrise – 5.25am
Sunset – 9.01pm
Time difference - minus 8 hours ex Sydney (back an hour last night)

At 10am this morning the pilot climbed on, and we followed the buoyed channel turning to port guided by the leading lights of Murano Can Dei Marani. After entering the main canal San Nicolo Oi Lido we altered course to port and continue towards Canal Di San Marco, be secured alongside at midday at our berth, Molo di Levante.

Venice – wow, what a unique city. Every now and then I just pinch myself . Not that long ago we were on what had become the treadmill of working life. Now we are living the dream of a world cruise holiday. This was never more accentuated than today, as we spent our anniversary weekend in this glorious city of Venice.

Our sail into Venice was just remarkable. We took position up on the very top deck, starboard side, about 10am, and we did not budge for the next 2 hours. We were in awe of the beauty of the approach to the city. A glorious warm and sunny Sunday morning saw a plethora of water craft of all shapes and sizes making their way out to surrounding islands and beaches.

I took about 150 photos, just on the sail in. There was picture postcard views aplenty as we meandered under escort through the Canal di San Marco. The crowds along the esplanade were amazing, as they wandered to and from Piazza San Marco. There was just so much to see.

The architecture is just wonderful, and just evokes wonder at the history and times gone of this city, and to be able to see it from such a fantastic vantage point is truly memorable. We then traversed the Canal della Giudecca, past some pretty awesome launches that were moored along the canal, on our way to our berth at Marittima which we shared with MSC Musica, Celebrity Solicite, Wind Surf, Aegean Odyssey to name a few.

Princess had arranged for a water shuttle from the ship into a drop off point not too far St Marks Square at a cost of $22 , unlimited use for the two days we in Venice. There was also a shuttle bus to the water shuttle as it was a bit of a walk there initially.

We were on one of the first shuttle runs in. Our only pressing task was to find a restaurant/cafe where we could book a dinner for 11 people. We had invited a few some of our pre-dinner drink group out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary of yesterday. We headed away from the tourist mecca of St Marks Sq, and wandered through the charming little lanes. There is a photo op at every corner here, and the camera was clicking pretty frequently.

Whilst in one these little out of the way laneways, we came across a beautiful maritime museum/monument along the Rio dell Arsenelle. Directly across were many locals having lunch in outdoor restaurant call Da Paola. I had a look at the menu, prices, and the food that all these folks were eating and made the reservation!!

We then made our way to St Marks. Donna had read somewhere that an average of 50,000 people a day visit Venice. Well this was a beautiful sunny Sunday, I reckon it was an above average crowd to day. The queue for St Mark's Basilica snaked through the piazza for a very long way. We decided that we would have a go at this one the next morning in the hope that Monday morning would have significantly less domestic tourists.
We worked our way though the laneways that were just a maze of little thoughfares, housing lots and lots on tiny retail shops, cafes and stalls. Our objective was to meander our way in the general direction of the Rialto Bridge, which is one of four bridges spanning the Grand Canal. The route is very well signposted, so eventually found ourselves standing on this iconic structure.

We were a bit hot and bothered by now, as it was very hot, our conditioning by the heat in Egypt helped us cope quite well, but we wanted to be fresh for our dinner, so we worked our way back to the ships shuttle, which involved about an hour of more sight seeing through the plazas, lanes, canals of Venice.

After a refreshing shower and rest on board , we ventured out again with our dinner friends. Da Paola restaurant did not disappoint. A gastronomical delight of awesome pasta and pizza. It was a lovely dinner, in a great location, with great food, and wonderful company. We were fortunate to witness the ceremonial lowering and removal of the flag outside the maritime monument at 9pm, quite touching.

Of course one could not spend your anniversary weekend in Venice, and not take the opportunity of a moonlit gondola through the charming canals of this unique city. Venice seems to take on a whole new persona by night, and we feel so privileged to be here and experiencing it.

And, because this is an overnight stop, we get to absorb more of it tomorrow!!!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Day 39

Day 39 – Athens to Venice – Saturday 23/6/12

Weather – Fine and Sunny 23C - 28C
Sunrise – 6.18am
Sunset – 9.31pm
Time difference - minus 7 hours ex Sydney

Throughout the day Sun princess cruised through the Ionian Sea and Adriatic Sea steering a north westerly course. At 1.50pm we passed Capo d'Otranto on our portside, 12 miles off. Sun Princess continued in the afternoon cruising parallel to the east side of Italy.

Today is our wedding anniversary, so opportune to be spending a couple of days in Venice. Today was a sea day, with quite a bit on (relatively speaking) for a sea day. We had a bit of a late start, which made a nice change.

We had another Cool Cruisers lunch today which again was very nice. Hard to believe that each lunch is being attended by more people that the previous one.

Pam had also arranged a tour of the kitchen for those who were interested. About 20-30 people were treated to a very informative tour by none other than the Corporate Executive Chef who happened to be on board. He certainly knew his stuff, particularly evident when we were informed that he actually designed every Princess kitchen over the last 20 years or so.

Another Captains Circle Cocktail Party tonight, but we did not go this time, preferring to spend the time with our usual pre-dinner drinks group. Tonight was another formal night dinner, at which we were serenaded Happy Anniversary by staff and dinner companions, with a little cake to boot.

At 10am tomorrow morning the pilot will climb on, and we will follow the buoyed channel turning to port guided by the leading lights of Murano Can Dei Marani. After entering the main canal San Nicolo Oi Lido we will alter course to port and continue towards canal Di San Marco, be secured alongside at midday at our berth, Molo di Levante.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Day 38 Athens

Day 38 – Athens – Friday 22/6/12

Weather – Fine and Sunny 23C - 32C
Sunrise – 6.04am
Sunset – 8.52pm
Time difference - minus 7 hours ex Sydney

At 4.45am this morning the Piraeus harbour pilot got aboard. We then altered course to starboard passing through the breakwaters. We continued to the swinging basin turning to come alongside the berth portside.

Today we elected to catch a Princess bus into the city of Athens, and do our own thing. We left the port nice and early, by about 7.30am, and had a scenic tour of Piraeus coastline. There were a few bucks worth of yachts and pleasure crafts there, very noice. We went past a few of the stadiums they used for various sports during the Olympic Games, some of which are still used, others which have sadly not been maintained.

We were dropped off in the Plaka area, not far from the Acropolis site. We met some friends, and as a group we wandered past various sites, that had not yet opened, such as the Museum, and the Parthenon.

We climbed up Areopagus Hill which gave us spectacular views across Athens, as well as great views of the Parthenon above us, Ancient Agora, and Arios Pagos below us. We then had a key decision to make, either return to the drop off point and wait for the Hop on Hop Off bus, which was the original intent, or wander through the back streets, and work our way up to the Parliament of the Hellenes. We chose the latter, as we had got a bit of an overview on the way in, and we really wanted to get into the side streets with the locals, and we really only had a few hours here.

Bob and Wendy joined us as we meandered our way through the back streets below the Acropolis, which was just marvellous. We came across a few taverners (pubs), cafes and souvenir shops, as well as the Hellenic Childrens Museum, the Frissiras Museum and Museum of Greek Folk art.

We continued to stroll around purposefully until we arrived at the Hellenic Parliament. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier which is guarded here around the clock by the Evzones of the Presidential Guard, is located in the formal forecourt of the building.

We waited for the changing of the Guard, which occurs on the hour, every hour, and took the obligatory photos. Whilst waiting for the guards to change we took the opportunity to call home to Sarah, Robert and Kimberley. We had spoken to Kerrie and Nathan whilst in Istanbul the other day, so we have spoken to them all this week, which was good.

We had been told it would be worth a visit to the underground railway subways station, so we did. Very clean, with some interesting shops. Donna and Wendy bought some candied peanuts and almonds..yum. We then took a rest break at Cafe for a refreshment. I had the obligatory Frape, and we took advantage of the free wi-fi to upload photos onto the blog, catch up on Facebook, download emails, check the phone account amount and check the bank account. There is still a few bucks left in the bank, so we can continue on with our holiday for a bit yet :)

We still had about 90 minutes left before we had to be back on the bus, so we walked our way back to the 'tourist area' of Plaka, where our meeting point was. Here Donna and Wendy got into a bit of serious shopping time, whilst Bob and I guarded the wallets – not from pickpockets, but from Donna and Wendy !!!! :)
Back on the bus for our short return journey back to port. We had 15mins to spare before the boarding deadline, so a last minute use of the free wifi in the terminal building and we were on board.

We departed the berth on time at about 2pm and retraced our courses out of the port, and once outside Sun Princess steered a south westerly course through the Greek Islands.

At 9.45pm this evening we passed Tainaro Point on our starboard side, and then altered course to the north west continuing towards our next port of call, Venice.