Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The Map

need to work out how to embed it onto the page

Under 50 days to go !!! Decision time

So it is now less than 50 days to go, and I sorta need to make a decision whether or not I am going to have the desire and commitment to maintain this blog for 104 days.

As we have 4,000 minutes of free internet time (due to Princess Captains Circle status), I reckon I may give it a shot. We have had quite a few family and friends insist that we run the blog - so the intent is to do so :)

I have been reading so many other blogs and getting so much info and enjoyment, how could I not do one also..if nothing else it will be a good online momento our our holiday.

The trusty packing list that we have built up over the last few years has been printed off. First suitcase is dusted off. Donna has already had her vaccinations, me  - not so fast.

I guess I better put a bit of effort into the design of this blog , looking pretty drab at present :)